Carrots are one of the crunchy powerfoods that provide many benefits.  Carrots can improve vision, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, and carrots are also great for skin.  These are just a few benefits carrots provide.  Carrots can be eaten in various ways.  Dipping a crunchy carrot in hummus or another dip is a great snack.  You can serve cooked carrots as a side to any protein.  Carrots can be shaved, chopped, pureed and more.  Below are two of the delicious recipes in Savory Catering’s menu that include this yummy power vegetable. 

Roasted Fennel & Carrots

Served with Fresh Thyme, Oaxaca Cheese, & Oregano

Bricked Grilled Game Hen

Served with a Tamarind Glaze, Shaved Carrots & Potato Fennel Pure

Another yummy way to get some carrots are in dessert!  You probably are thinking about a yummy carrot cake with some cream cheese frosting.  That is one carrot dessert that you can’t pass up.  The Food Network shared some other creative ways to bake with carrots and we want to pass those along to you for the upcoming holiday!

1.     Take the idea of the delicious cream cheese frosting and create a Carrot Cheesecake that include stacks of cheesecake and a sour cream topping on top of moist, spiced carrot cake.

2.     Get out your waffle iron and try something new.  Instead of your typical waffle try a Waffled Carrot Cake and top with a yummy cream cheese frosting!  This is an excellent no bake option.

3.     Using almond flour and shredded carrots, try the Flourless Carrot Bundt Cake and serve with a delicious glaze make with vanilla bean and orange juice.

4.     Although you think of cream cheese frosting on carrot cake, it is okay to shake things up a bit.  Try a Carrot Cake with Marshmallow Fluff Cream Cheese Frosting.  The light marshmallow frosting allow for an entire new experience. 

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