As Dallas grows, the competition for top talent increases.  As an employer you understand the massive amount of time, resources and cost that goes into hiring the right people.  Employee turnover is even more costly.  You have heard about how those crazy "dot-commers" in Silicon Valley are doing things right.  Google was listed as the #1 place to work in America according to Forbes.  

Oh, you don't have the room to install a sand volleyball pit in your law firm?  Well here's 5 reasons why corporate catering in Dallas can help your employees..AND your business:


1) Morale - The number one factor employees weigh in job importance is not money, but recognition of their own value.  60% of those surveyed* said having food at the office would make them feel more valued and appreciated.

2) Hiring - job seekers these days presume that most employers will offer health care plans and retirement programs - the two top costly.  Yet sometimes the more abstract (and lower cost) perks go the most noticed.  45% said the availability of a free lunch would strongly influence their deception to accept a job offer

3) Productivity -  Not only are they spending valuable minutes during company time thinking and discussing lunch before they even get up from their desk, they then gather up, go out, discuss the weekend, and remove themselves completely from the job they are doing only to come back to their desk and spend another hour recovering from their Big Mac coma.  Keep them on campus.  Studies show that on-campus eating causes employees to gather with their colleagues and discuss business.  Additionally, offering healthy meal alternatives will keep your staff alert for the remainder of the day.   

4) Cost savings (all around) -  Workers spent an average of $3,000 annually on coffee and lunches according to staffing company, Adecco.  This doesn't include the gas it takes to get to/from lunch.  And depending on your corporate structure, your employee food costs could be tax-deductible according to if you offer them "on-premesis" and "for the convenience of the employer".  

If you're a business owner or manager in Dallas, Corporate Catering may be an easy and affordable way to hire, retain and lower costs.  And guess what…the food can also be great!  

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*data source: Seamless