Corporate Catering from Savory Catering allows for businesses to provide delicious and unique meals for their employees.  It can help to save money and increase employee retention.  We take pride in providing corporate breakfasts and lunches throughout the Dallas area.  Each meal is made with quality ingredients and leave employees wanting more.  For your next morning or lunchtime meeting why not cater in lunch from the best catering company in Dallas, Savory Catering?  You can view both our Corporate Lunch and Corporate Breakfast menus right on our website. 

At Savory Catering we are also thrilled to provide daily lunches and help to manage the kitchen at your office.  Many of our clients have Savory Catering set up salad stations or provide hot lunches daily for their employees.  Some companies provide it at a discounted price while others provide these lunches as a full benefit for working at the company.  As you can imagine these companies get a great response from their employees and an increase in productivity as well.  If you are interested in providing these catered daily lunches for your employees, our team at Savory Catering would work with you to design various weekly menus that fit the expectations, tastes, and requirements of your specific company.  Along with the delicious meals we provide a full staff to set up, serve and clean each day.  Below is an example of a monthly lunch menu we have provided for some of our corporate clients.  We hope these intrigue you and would love to have you contact us to order lunches for your company and your employees.  At Savory Catering we are proud to be one of the best catering companies in the Dallas area and we would be thrilled to provide you and your employees with meals that will leave you wanting more.