At Savory Catering in Dallas, Texas we have highly experienced chefs that use fresh and seasonal ingredients in every dish.  We proudly work with our clients to create the dish they desire while sticking to their budget needs.  Some of our most popular dishes are the individually sized portions with creative, fresh toppings. Each dish is made to order by the customer. 

For example, our signature dish in a mini silver bowl, this salad is made to order from ‘The Original’ Mini Silver Bowl Salad Station and comes with Savory’s “The Original” spicy chicken, chopped romaine lettuce with balsamic and Caesar dressing, topped with bacon bits, grapes, orange slices and red bell peppers. 

Another is the Mini Grilled Cheese Station.  Guests can order their grilled cheese with fresh ingredients like fresh white, whole wheat or rye bread, cheddar, Colby jack or provolone cheese, and top it with a choice of sliced tomato, prosciutto or avocado.  A yummy tomato basil soup is served on the side. 

These stations have become very popular for wedding receptions, private parties, and more.  Guests are able to personalize their individual dishes to exactly what they like.  Savory Catering in Dallas, Texas is proud to offer custom catering for weddings, private parties, company events, business lunches and more in Dallas.  Browse our website or call Savory Catering today to plan your next event.