This Sunday on February 1st the world will tune into watch the Seattle Seahawks go up against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl XLIX.  With only 3 days left until the big day you need to determine what you and your guests will snack on during the big game.  If you are having a large event and would like to avoid having too much to prepare and do then we recommend giving Savory Catering in Dallas, Texas a call.  We would love to help cater and host your SuperBowl watching party.  In order to learn more about all that is going on around Univeristy of Phoenix Stadium before the big game check out the SuperBowl details on 

At Savory Catering we are proud of our appetizer menu and think there is no better Superbowl snack than some great dips and chips.  Below are a few recipes that are simple and taste great!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

- large can of chicken, drained

- block of cream cheese

- Frank’s Buffalo sauce

- ranch dressing

- grated mixed cheese

Spread cream cheese on bottom of 8x8 dish.  Layer the can of chicken over the top of the cream cheese.  Drizzle buffalo sauce and ranch on top of the chicken.  Cover the top with shredded cheese.  Back 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  Serve with tortilla chips. 

Cold Corn Dip

-       3 cans 11oz Mexi-corn, drained

-       7oz can chopped green chilies

-       6oz can jalepenos, drained

-       ½ c green onion, chopped

-       1 c mayo

-       1 c sour cream

-       1 t pepper

-       ½ t garlic powder

-       16oz shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Mix all ingredients together.  Refrigerate for 8 hours.  Serve with corn chips!

Enjoy the SuperBowl, the dip and chips, and your friends, and family this Sunday and call us at Savory Catering for your next big event!