This time of year holiday parties are going on at Savory Catering and all around the Dallas area.  Anytime you are invited into someone’s home it is a good idea to show your thanks with a gift.  Many times people feel lots of pressure or uncomfortable because they do not know the proper etiquette when it comes to choosing a gift.  It is important to know that the price doesn’t matter.  It is more important to make the gift personal to the host or hostess.  Bringing something they would appreciate and enjoy is a great idea. 

The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate through giving.  Keep in mind your host or hostess when choosing your gift.  You probably wouldn’t choose to give your boss the same gift you would give a friend.  Some good ideas for gifts are an ornament, a holiday decoration, cute container with cookies, baked goodies, popcorn, or even hot cocoa mix, or a bottle of wine or holiday flavored liqueur. 

When you are planning for your gifts remember that the best gifts are ones that can be easily accepted shortly after your arrival.  It should be something that can easily be set aside and enjoyed later so that they can continue with all of their hosting duties.  Again the more time and thought you put into the gift the more meaningful it will be. Cute ribbon, wrapping paper, mason jars, and other unique presentation ideas add a unique touch that won’t be forgotten. 

We hope these ideas help you in this holiday season.  Don’t forget that Savory Catering is your number one Dallas catering provider.