Thanksgiving is just 9 days away!  The traditional Thanksgiving meal is full of delicious flavors and includes a variety both heavy and light dishes.  Adding wine to your meal can help to wrap it all together.  Read below about some affordable and delicious wines that will compliment the food on your table this Thanksgiving.

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp, light base that is a fresh compliment to heavier, richer flavors during the Thanksgiving meal.

Chardonnay provides a dryness that complements the sweetness of dishes with apples and cranberries.

Riesling has a sweet and light contrast to the fat in gravy, stuffing & potatoes.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir doesn’t overpower foods and its juicy strawberry notes enhance the turkey and the flavor.

Red Zinfandel has a fresh fruit flavor that doesn’t get lost among the strong Thanksgiving flavors.

Sparkling Shiraz is low in tannins, large in flavor and lightens heavy dishes.

These are just a few types of wine that could go great with your Thanksgiving feast.  If you have any questions about your meal or if you are looking for someone to cater your meal this Thanksgiving so that you can enjoy your holiday with family and friends, stop by Savory Catering in Dallas today!