Savory Catering is committed to provide professional office catering with tasty healthy food to busy corporate environments.  At Savory Catering we are proud to wear many hats.  We do wedding catering, parties, rehearsal dinners, and various corporate catering options.  At Savory Catering we specialize in office and event catering for the Dallas area.  We can offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. 

Daily Handmade Meals

What a great way to get a meeting accomplished than while breaking bread.  At Savory Catering we can help you create an atmosphere for your employees that will allow them to enjoy meetings and be as efficient as possible.  Based on the time of your meeting we can provide a delicious breakfast or lunch.  For a midday meeting we can even provide sweet treats and coffee to get you through the afternoon stretch.  Call us today to set up your next meeting event. Our catering orders do include all the disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and condiments you will need, and our friendly staff will set it all up for you so it is not an extra thing added to your to-do list.