At Savory Catering in Dallas, Texas we know how to prepare a meal that will be remembered.  Here in Texas, we love some great BBQ and Savory Catering does not disappoint when it comes to providing BBQ to our customers. 

When you have a big event we provide a list of themed buffet menus in order to make the event easier on you.  One of our yummy options is the Go West BBQ buffet.  This menu will provide your guests with all the delicious items you imagine when you think of the perfect BBQ.  The main dish includes a mouthwatering Brisket that is slow cooked for 11 hours, Slow Roasted Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs, and Savory Smokehouse Chicken.  Offering both white meat and red meat is a great way to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  Along with these delicious protein options we also provide savory sides like a Chipotle Potato Salad and Molasses and Brown Sugar Baked Beans

Savory Catering in Dallas, would love to provide your next event with this yummy BBQ.  Call us today at 469-371-8077 for pricing and to hear about our other fun themed buffet menus.