Celebration Catering in Dallas

Your party is several weeks away... why book now?  You have plenty of time... right?

Let us explain why booking Savory early for your celebration catering is beneficial.  First, booking in advance helps ensure you get your first choice for date and time of the event.   When holidays arrive, so do the requests for catering.   At Savory, we don’t like to say no to anybody.  Don’t wait until the last minute when our calendar is full and we can’t say yes to you. 

Second, you have ample time to work with Savory to choose a menu that suits the type of celebration you're planning and the guests.   Together we can determine if you need a buffet menu, a specific themed menu such as, Go West BBQ or The Tex-Mex Way, a breakfast menu, or one of our many other options.     

Finally, booking early also allows for changes that may not otherwise be available if catering is booked closer to the event date.   We all know how party planning goes and change is something that comes with the territory.   One minute you’re expecting twenty-three of your “closest” family members, and the next you’re surprised to find out that four distant cousins and their children will be coming as well.   Savory can handle those changes. 

The reasons you plan a party are endless.  Easter brunch, birthdays, Cinco De Mayo, baby showers, engagements, weddings, and the list goes on.  The reasons you need celebration catering for your party are endless as well.  Lowers your stress, lowers your stress, and lowers your stress...  you get the idea!  In all seriousness, Savory Catering handles all the food preparation, service, and cleanup for you so you can focus on entertaining your guests.   Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Book Savory now for your next celebration! Contact us at 469-371-8077 for more information on menus and catering options.