Even though it is October, it does not feel like Fall in Texas.  While fall food typically includes soups and crockpot meals, the hot weather just doesn’t seem fitting.  Heating up a kitchen is the last thing many Texans want to do.  As we wait for the cool weather to come, we might as well cool off with some fresh salads.  Below are some delicious salad ideas for you to try this week.

Chopped Salad with Steak

This yummy salad is fresh and won’t leave you hungry.  A plateful of romaine lettuce topped with red onions, red and yellow bell peppers, sliced cucumbers, pitted kalamata olives, parsley and chopped seared flank steak.  To top off this delicious salad sprinkle crumbled blue cheese and serve with your favorite blue cheese dressing.

Melon and Crispy Prosciutto Salad

This sweet and salty crunchy salad can be created with any type of melon.  The yummy dressing on this salad includes mint, olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, salt and pepper.  Choose your favorite baby greens and toss with chopped melon and the vinaigrette.  Top with crispy prosciutto, feta cheese, and chopped pistachios. 

Enjoy these salads with your family and friends.  Our team at Savory Catering in Dallas, Texas can make these yummy salads and more for your next big event.  We have terrific chefs and can provide you with salads made of fresh ingredients that all of your guests will love.  No matter what your next event is, let Savory Catering do the hard work.  Call us today to plan your menu and meet our team.