Get Your Catering On!

We may be overly excited about Spring this year.  This Texas winter has been annoyingly cold.  Bear with us Bear's fans, but at least you know to bundle up because it's guaranteed to be cold.  But when it's 40 degrees and damp in Texas it just doesn't feel good.  And when you have no idea how to dress, you're caught in a linen shirt and down your arms are freezing but your core is toasty. 


Anyway, we can't help but set our minds on Spring.  And that means parties and people in better moods.  It may be early, but we'd like you to keep us first in mind for catering in Dallas when planning for birthday parties, weddings, Easter, Passover, or whatever else falls in Spring.  Oh yes, Mother's Day (sorry Mom).  

We can do anything you want from Tex-Mex to Asian Fusion to good old fashioned burgers & dogs.  Savory Catering has been catering in Dallas for over a decade, and it is our award-winning restaurants that make us unique.  Our culinary expertise is unmatched, and our team is friendly, open and willing to work with you on your budget.  

There's a little time left of these freezing temps for you to enjoy.  And after that, we expect to hear from you!  

Stay warm.