Savory Catering is proud to be a part of the State & Allen Kitchen and Bar.  At State & Allen you can grab a quick cocktail, or a delicious meal paired with an excellent glass of wine.  At our restaurant you can enjoy drinks on our beautiful patio, tune into your favorite sports team on the big screen with your friends, and meet new great faces at the same time.  The team at State & Allen and Savory Catering is one that can’t be beat. Each person brings something unique and impressive to our establishment. 

Texas Restaurant Association recently recognized one of our own, Eleanor Moore.  The article highlighted some great women in the restaurant industry.  They explained that more than half of U.S. restaurants are owned or co-owned by women and the women-owned businesses are growing at a fast rate. With more women in management and ownership positions than virtually any other industry, restaurants offer a career path with no glass ceiling.  Read below to see what they had to say about Eleanor Moore and her position as Controller at our restaurant and catering company.

Eleanor Moore, Controller, Savory Catering/Calabrese & Winkler Holdings, LLC, Dallas

I’ve been in the restaurant business my entire adult life from waitress, to hostess to short order cook. In 1980, I took my first office job for a restaurant that lasted 33 years. Taking on any new responsibilities offered, I learned. Only this industry offers this kind of hands on training on the corporate level. This year I left my comfortable position to take on a completely new role as Controller for State and Allen Restaurant & Bar. I’ve come full circle back to the restaurant where I office upstairs from the dining room. I’m forever grateful to the restaurant business for teaching me everything I know and continue to learn.

We are thrilled to have Eleanor on our team at Savory Catering. If you are looking for a catering company in the Dallas area for your next event give us a call at 214-699-6101 today.