Dallas Caterers Favorites


Roger Federer dominated tennis.  Shaun White ruled snowboarding.  Florida owned the NCAA.  

Savory Catering mastered The Silver Bowl. 

It was another hot summer in Dallas.   For over a year, State and Allen Lounge had provided their uptown neighborhood with incredible food and elegant wines.   It was during this summer, that Chef Bradley would bring a silver mixing bowl with a various salads for everyone to try at our weekly meetings.  It was then that The Original Silver Bowl was created.  It started out as a blend of balsamic vinaigrette and caesar dressings, chopped romaine, grapes, oranges, bacon & sun dried tomatoes.  Everyone agreed that there was something very special about this dish, but it was missing something--- Chicken.   Chef Bradley and Chef Jonathan determined that it couldn't just be typical grilled chicken.  It needed pizzazz.  It had to have some spice.  So the experimenting began.  This resulted in sautéing it in a simple reduction of Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper.  It provided a perfect mix of seasoning and taste.  Soon diced red bell peppers replaced the sun dried tomatoes for an extra kick.  Just a few weeks later, this unique concoction made its way to our menu for everyone to enjoy!  The Silver Bowl was featured on Good Morning Texas and has become a staple at State and Allen Lounge, as well as a favorite on our catering menu.  Stop by and taste it for yourself!   When you need Dallas caterers, contact Savory at 469-371-8077 or find more information on www.savory-catering.com

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