If you are an entertainer and enjoy hosting parties and events, Savory Catering has a real easy party idea for you.  In order for you to be able to join in on all the fun, be hands free, and partake in conversation host a ‘build your own buffet’ dinner.  If you are having a large event this is perfect.  If you have games or entertainment going on, guests can just jump up as they wish to choose the foods they prefer and get right back into the action without missing much or disturbing anyone. 

At Savory Catering we have provided buffet meals to hundreds of events.  We can sit down with you to determine the menu and more.  It is important to consider the comfort level, where the party will take place, and the entertainment you will provide when choosing your menu.  A buffet dinner allows you as the host to be a part of the fun, and having Savory Catering do all the cooking makes the process even easier on you!  We can do anything you desire, salad buffets, baked potato bar, soups, sandwiches and much more. 

One detail you do not want to overlook when you host a buffet is food safety.  Food should not sit our in the heat for more than an hour or two.  Hot foods need to be kept in warming trays or crockpots and cold foods need to be on ice.  Savory Catering can handle all those details for you throughout your event so you do not need to worry with watching the clock and taking care of these issues.  

It is also cute to set up a serving area or table that includes napkins, utensils, condiments and anything else your guests may need to quickly and efficiently serve themselves.  In order to make this and the buffet table cute and appealing you can use different dishes like cake stands and cute bowls to add some detail.  You can also scatter flowers or other colorful items to bring some life and décor to your event. 

We think choosing a buffet for your next event is a great idea.  It is easy for you and for your guests.  Let Savory Catering in Dallas do all the hard work and provide a buffet dinner you and your guests will not forget.  Call us today to begin planning your buffet menu.