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Savory Corporate Catering

Savory Catering offers fresh, handmade meals made with the highest quality ingredients for corporate lunches and breakfasts throughout Dallas. Please peruse our sample menus for onsite corporate catering. These menus and pricing are based on a minimum of 15 orders. Should we build a strong, exclusive lunch business relationship these menus will be altered for variety. Please see the links below for what is included and what additions can be requested. Our catering orders do include all the disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and condiments you'll need, and our friendly staff will set it all up for you. 

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Another service Savory provides is daily lunches or commissary kitchen creation.  For several of our clients, we bring hot lunch, salad stations, and the like to their office every day.  Our clients that provide lunches will offer this at a discounted price to their employees or as a full benefit to them.  Our clients that provide this have seen a dramatic increase in productivity as the employees are happy to get nice lunch choices and save money all while staying at the office - this is what companies like Google, Yahoo, and other technology startups have been practicing to great effect to their bottom-line.  If you do choose to engage Savory Catering in daily lunches, full menu creation, and production, we will work to design varied weekly menus that fit the specific tastes and requirements of your organization.  We provide the full staffing which is responsible for setting up, serving & cleaning.  Of course, we can also make variations of this product as well.  And if you like what you see on these menus for a single day or a couple of days a month we would love to speak with you about ordering from us that day.  Below you will find our current daily lunch offers to our corporate clients and some example of prior menu calendars: 

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