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How Working Parents Balance Family And Career

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How Working Parents Balance Family And Career

Do you struggle to balance your career and family? If so, you’re not alone. 

An astounding 50 million Americans find it challenging to juggle their careers and raise their children. A 2015 Pew Research study reveals that 65 percent of college graduate-working parents report that it is “somewhat or very difficult” to meet the demands of work and family. 

Fortunately, achieving a work-life balance for working parents is possible. Read our working parent’s survival guide from the folks at Savory Catering


Working parenthood is an enormous task. Not only do parents have to deal with logistical concerns like getting their children to school and to  appointments - they also have to get to work on time. Building a career and earning a living while being an engaged and loving mother or father can add insurmountable stress to your daily life

Some concerns of working parents include: 

  • School days are shorter than workdays. 

  • Distance learning requires more parents to work from home. 

  • There are frequent holidays and vacations. 

  • Finding the right child care. 

  • Taking off work for appointments.

  • Getting kids ready for school and getting to work on time. 

  • Taking conference calls with children in the background. 

  • Being present and giving your children enough attention.


As a working parent, you’re busy and have a broad range of commitments. For things to flow efficiently, it’s important to be mindful and deliberate in where you spend your time. Sit down and complete your calendar for the weeks and months ahead. Identify your commitments and obligations. If you have to, trim down on your responsibilities to meet your children’s needs and spend quality time with family. 


One of the biggest challenges working parents face is guilt from being away from your children. This can be equally as devastating when you’re working in the home or at the office. In this mindset, it’s normal to feel tired, struggle with performance, doubt your own choices, and view your life as a constant improvisation. It doesn’t have to be that way. Parents can all gain more confidence, calmness, and control by realizing all the benefits your child reaps having hard-working parents, and realizing that you’ll spend valuable time with them in a few hours when you’re finished with work. 


To balance the needs of your family and career, it may be possible to have a work schedule that allows you to be at home at the same time as your children. Some options include: 

  • Switching from full-time to part-time. Working only while your children are at school would alleviate the need to find after-school child care. 

  • Asking for flextime employment. Many employers understand the needs surrounding work and family and are willing to allow their workers to have a flexible schedule. For example, rather than working 9 am to 5 pm, your boss may let you work from 7 am to 3 pm. If both parents’ have jobs that allow flextime, their schedules may be complementary. 

  • Work from home. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to earn money without leaving the house. Some employers may allow you to work from home when a child is sick or you are unable to make other arrangements. Other jobs allow parents to work entirely remotely.


Being a working parent is never easy. It’s complex, emotional, and sometimes an all-consuming struggle. But with a clear view of the challenges you face and specific strategies for managing them, you’ll be better prepared to succeed at work and be the parent you want to be at home. 

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